Why Work at SAA?

Senior Advantage Association (SAA) is an equal opportunity employer. As such, we adhere to an employment policy that prohibits discriminatory practices or harassment against applicants or employees based on any legally impermissible factors.

Our loan officers and associates are critical to our mission. Our team works closely together across different departments to form an elite team. We are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment.

SAA seeks individuals who are professional and motivated to join our team. We expect our associates and loan officers to be high performers, dedicated and to take pride in their work. In order to maintain the highest level of client service, we are committed to and supportive of the professional development and growth of our team. In addition, SAA provides competitive compensation and benefits to our team, ensuring that we retain the most talented staff.

Each fall, we select a small group of highly qualified individuals for our Loan Officer Training Program. We make every effort to expose our associates to all facets of our practice and involve them actively in our industry. The primary objective of the program is to give each associate an opportunity for growth and learning. If you are interested in applying, we encourage you to send your resume and cover letter to cta@saareverse.com.